The Impact of Technology on the Financial Markets

Our fast and dependable technology services are used by financial institutions ranging from banks to stock exchanges. The company's post-trade and risk management services are a major and rising part of its operations. The settlement network is run by XNOFX, which was chosen as a first-wave T2S member.

XNOFX provides a wide range of real-time and reference data elements to its customers. XNOFX is also a high-performance trading platform and capital markets software developer. A significant number of other companies and exchanges around the world use the company's trading, monitoring, and post-trade technology in addition to its own markets.

Our business relies on secure and durable technology ensuring high availability and efficiency. We are investing to broaden the capabilities of our trading services in response to the continued demand for new functionality and highly automated trading. Due to our technology platform, we have an innovative, efficient, in-house IT development capability to serve various businesses.


Real-Time Data

The strong market data system used by XNOFX offers real-time data, which is indispensable for everyone trading on our markets. The explicit data provided reflects our highly liquid and rapidly rising markets.

Real-time data is accessible across a range of services that are customized to the specific needs of consumers. These services provide information that is vital for trading on our markets. XNOFX offers a robust and rich collection of data from sources that are released in real-time, helping you to make confident decisions and run your business efficiently.


Superior performance - For buyers and sellers of securities, Real-Time Data offers greater price execution protection; consumers are as close to the concept as possible and can be more confident in targeting the orders they expect when executing on data. Data delivery in a timely manner often contributes to increased market transparency. In this era of microsecond efficiency and algorithmic trading, XNOFX's Real-Time Data allows users to completely leverage data by distributing it to customers in real-time.


Market-leading technology – Real-Time Data feeds are based on cutting-edge technology, resulting in a scalable and versatile network that is completely robust and always available due to its multiple-site configuration.


Depth and knowledge – Real-Time Data contains the order book's content, as well as exchange rates and sizes, which are the key market formation mechanisms. We supplement the broadcast with a number of added-value data, such as real-time indicators, in addition to the core market data.


Flexible and accessible data - The market data platform broadcasts multiple levels of data, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your requirements. To promote global trade, all data is sent in simple message formats with different international data identification codes.


Continuous and dedicated support - Our Service Delivery teams provide direct customers with support from a dedicated account manager altogether with continuous technical support. We also provide our customers with extensive assistance, including user-friendly documents and straightforward directions about how to get the most out of the service.


The solution to your market data needs - XNOFX broadcasts a variety of data, including trade rates, sizes, and a clearly visible, complete order book. The multiple levels are designed to meet the demands of various customers, whether they are actively investing in the markets or using the service to help them make trading, investment, or other business decisions.

Real-time data is offered in three levels:

  • Off-book - Provides off-book, Exchange and OTC trade reports for both domestic and international stocks.
  • Level 1 - Provides users with real-time best prices, trade reporting data, and a variety of key added-value information, such as enhanced best prices in order to help them better understand the underlying market depth and liquidity of securities.
  • Level 2 - Our most detailed service offering the full scope of the business – vital for market professionals.


Real-Time Data Accessibility

Connecting to the Exchange

Currently, the Exchange provides a range of networking solutions with widely different levels of management and efficiency. These options vary from a complete host-to-host solution to a Vendor Access Network connection.


Exchange Hosting

For companies seeking the highest-level access to the markets, Exchange Hosting is XNOFX's lowest latency connectivity choice. Trading clients, information suppliers, and solution providers physically position their servers inside the Exchange's own data center, enabling them to access our trading matching mechanisms and real-time market data in ultra-low microseconds.


Exchange Nexus

Customers who have their own trading and information systems may use Exchange nexus to connect directly to the Exchange. Exchange nexus involves providing point-to-point connections for market data and trading to Exchange customers.


Network Service Providers (NSPs)

The NSPs offer easy access towards the Exchange information and trading services to its end customers, who contract with the NSP for network connectivity and directly with the Exchange for trading and accessing information data. Service facilities would be set up on the Exchange's trading and information systems. The data and trading feeds are having the same format as those obtained by a direct Exchange nexus client, and they are checked in the same way.


Vendor Access Network (VAN)

The XNOFX's Vendor Access Network model allows vendors that have met the Exchange's accreditation criteria to provide access to the Exchange's trading system through their own networks.