About Us

Xiamen Options and Futures Exchange (XNOFX) is a premier commodity exchange in China that is dedicated to creating, managing, and facilitating secure, liquid, and transparent markets for a wide range of commodities and related products. With a proven track record of excellence, XNOFX is committed to providing its clients with unparalleled access to the global commodities market.



XNOFX aims to become a preferred trading and clearing platform for all market participants interested in trading commodities and other products along the added-value chain and to maintain this position in the long run.



XNOFX’s goal is to ensure business growth while taking into account three major aspects: regions, products, and market segments. The essence of our expansion strategy stands in continuous business development and the extension of our business area within Asia. Furthermore, we aim at expanding the marketplace by adding extra products and services to our portfolio.


Profile and Position

There is a wide range of interested parties using XNOFX’s platform and among them can be cited: producers, farmers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, commodity suppliers and distributors, traders, wholesale customers, financial institutions and advisors, investors, and other individuals looking for profits while successfully ensuring risk mitigation. XNOFX is used as a marketplace to buy and sell commodities, options and futures, exchange-traded products, foreign exchange, equity index, shares, and cryptocurrencies.


At present, XNOFX announces strong growth rates among other commodity exchanges, this being connected with the trading volume, sales revenue, and yields.


XNOFX’s major principles of managing the trading process and the exchange operations include:

Liquidity - Liquidity has a great impact on the way trading occurs and on market relations. Liquidity is represented through high trading volumes, a large number of market participants, and therefore reliable pricing. Another important indicator of liquidity is the spread between the sell and the buy prices.

Security - XNOFX is one of Asia's most stable and reliable commodity exchanges, due to a complex network of control and protection that includes supervisory authorities altogether with a wide series of voluntary security standards.

Transparency - Transparency is essential for gaining participants’ interest and confidence in the market, and reflects the basis of all trading processes on the exchange. Matching and explicit conditions of trading contribute to ensuring equal access to the range of products and services available for all participants.

Equality - A liberalized market, according to XNOFX's considerations, is an open market. In order to ensure equality of opportunity there is a strong need for an open business that necessarily involves transparency. Offering equal trading conditions for market participants ensures business integrity and is essential for long-term growth.

Simplicity - In order to open the XNOFX marketplaces to the widest potential audience, all standards and processes have been built to be as simple as possible. XNOFX positions itself as a service provider for clients having different trading visions, and as such, it tends to ensure accessibility and transparency.

Cost Efficiency - The main components of the cost-effective trading provided by XNOFX are simple procedures and low financial requirements. This is expressed through low fees, including the reduction of entry fees.

Gradual Development - A step-by-step strategy, according to XNOFX, is the key to successful positioning in the markets. As a result, each development stage evolves from the previous one.

Collaborative Development - XNOFX ensures the efficient and operational functioning of the exchange through close partnership with all market participants. Since market participants should benefit from using the marketplace, XNOFX considers that a collaborative approach is essential. The degree to which XNOFX is committed to collaboration is emphasized through the creation of specific working groups for all product segments and their expansion.

Multi-Dimensional Diversification - For the long term, XNOFX aims to maintain its position as an Asian-based integrated commodity exchange. Markets, products, and regions will all be included in the diversification strategy. XNOFX will concentrate on its core competencies while also incorporating its partners.

Pan-Asian Networking - XNOFX represents an integral part of a pan-Asian network of commodity exchanges. At the same time, XNOFX takes the necessary actions to prevent the influence of contrasting systems and processes.


XNOFX is a leading commodity exchange operating globally. From one point of view, XNOFX has grown through a step-by-step approach. Alternatively, the involvement of other parties in the trading process is opening up new possibilities. XNOFX will continue to benefit from the individual companies' respective strengths and competencies, thus making it possible for consumers to benefit from this synergistic impact.


XNOFX’s Commodity Offers

XNOFX is represented by a range of companies that concentrate on specific areas within individual markets or certain market segments and are able to address their customers’ specific needs. From the customers’ viewpoint, it incorporates individualized support from a specialist company with a complex trading platform that covers multiple markets. Furthermore, since clearing is a one-stop-source solution, market participants benefit from savings potential generated by offsetting positions in various markets and products.

The goal is to develop as a team and develop XNOFX as a global commodity exchange in a competitive environment. Commitment is essential in these terms: XNOFX keeps a close connection with its customers, offers individual support, and through cooperation, contributes to the development of existing and emerging markets. Despite the changings that the commodity markets are facing, XNOFX develops its offering on a continuous basis, in order to achieve further improvement.


XNOFX - a Leading Trading Platform

XNOFX aims to establish itself as a dominant trading platform for both commodities and digital assets in China, with a strong local and global presence. Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to a diverse range of assets and empower our clients to make informed investment decisions.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, XNOFX is poised to become a leader in the industry.

The exchange aims at maintaining and expanding a strong position in the context of increasingly globalized structures. This involves XNOFX's ongoing expansion into an Asian group with multiple partners, as well as a transparency and security architecture that has served as a model from the start, providing a "safe haven" for the exchange and all trading participants and partners. With strong consideration towards security and supervision, XNOFX continues to introduce its standards in Asia, this being ensured by the strict exchange legislation and regulations.


Our success depends on being interconnected with our customers, understanding their needs, and aligning with their aspirations. We continuously communicate with our clients in order to identify their priorities and, ultimately, to develop individual solutions meant to achieve the established goals.


XNOFX’s well-developed mechanism for trade settlement and the protection ensured by the clearing subsidiary are indicators of the high-level efficiency of the exchange’s operations, despite market challenges. The quality of the processes as well as the strict legislation and regulations of the exchange are marked through noteworthy supervision and transparency: from the offer on the market to the results of the transaction, from the establishment of the market price to clearing, delivery, and payment. The exchange implements efficient methods of risk management by ensuring well-defined trading and clearing operations.

The market is superior to other mechanisms, this being explained by the fact that a great number of individuals and organizations invest time and resources in the attempt to find the best achievable prices for the products that they need. XNOFX is aware of the fact that markets function according to the rules and that they need supervision as well as an appropriate culture.

XNOFX is intensively cooperating with other exchanges in order to position itself as an innovator and initiator within the pan-Asian commodity market. On an extensive level, cooperation between market platforms is required for the benefit of a standardized Asian market. Partners of the exchange confirm that a strong market and infrastructure transparency are of great importance when it comes to providing competitive and reliable commodity supplies in Asia.


XNOFX’s Customer-Centric Approach

XNOFX’s principles of managing customer relationships relate to finding common ground between business goals as well as the constant sharing of ideas aiming to benefit all parties. As a market platform, XNOFX holds an increasing innovative potential due to a variety of new products and, at the same time, the engagement of the market participants is an important component defining the safety concept.

There have been numerous changes in the markets and, as a result, many exchanges find it difficult to ensure all-inclusive safety, however, XNOFX’s principle of the central counterparty used by the exchange’s subsidiary relates to the fact that transactions completed have proven to be more suitable than ever.

The protective function of the exchange is beneficial for all parties involved in the trading process. However, since all trading participants have to provide margins for the open positions in the context of clearing, the risk is efficiently handled for each trading participant.

In addition to the well-defined structure provided by strict exchange legislation and regulations, the XNOFX management has a range of resources at its disposal to ensure the safety of trading at all levels. It starts with the fact that XNOFX, as an exchange, specifically determines who is eligible to engage in market activities. The Exchange's Management Board establishes a qualification standard for all customers by revealing the admission conditions. Another fact is that the employees who trade on XNOFX on behalf of the trading participants must prove their professional qualifications through examination, and this is another decisive aspect.


Our efforts are aimed at providing our clients with new customized products in a standardized form of the individual markets.

Additionally, XNOFX’s innovative potential is constructed as follows:

The way customers are integrated within the market development along with the safety architecture of XNOFX is also depending upon the applicable statutory provisions. XNOFX, as an exchange comprises the following boards: The Sanctions Committee, Market Surveillance, the Exchange Council, and the Management Board of the Exchange. The members of the Exchange Council are trading participants and represent different interest groups on the exchange. One of the major tasks of the Exchange Council is the adoption of XNOFX’s rules and regulations. In addition, the Exchange Council is also approving measures of fundamental importance to the exchange. While the trading participants comply with the rules and regulations of the exchange, they also contribute to ensuring a high level of safety within the exchange’s functionality.